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Active Directory Management Services

Active Directory Management Services

At the core of many school environments, Active Directory is widely used for many integration services and managing this in a clear and concise way is key in making sure these integrations run smoothly and importing only what’s necessary. 

The flexibility of our solution also means that we can fit our solution around you rather than you needing to adjust to fit ours.

Key features of our Active Directory Management Services

  • Creation and management of Active Directory users using data from Sims for the following
    • Pupils (Current, Future and Applicants)
    • Staff (Current and Future)
    • Parents
  • Creation and management of Staff and Pupils Home Folders
    • Including permissions
    • Including shares if applicable
  • Management of leavers in Active Directory including
    • Disabling and moving to another OU
    • Archiving Home Folder
    • Removing from Active Directory Groups
  • Creation and management of Active Directory Groups (Security and Distribution) from data within the schools MIS System. Examples include:
    • Class Groups
    • Subject Groups (Pupils who take a particular subject)
    • Subject Teachers
    • Registration/Form Groups
    • House Groups
    • Year Groups
    • Intake Year Groups
    • All Staff, including Teachers and Support Staff
    • Other staff groups based on the timetable information
    • Groups based on User Defined Groups in Sims
    • Teachers of individual students

Why HME?

We pride ourselves on a completely transparent and unbiased view of supplying managed IT services, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.

By engaging with clients and providing IT consultancy services to many types of organisations of all shapes, sizes and types – with a fantastic range of innovative skills that brings demonstrable value to our clients.

It is an investment in your own organisation to ensure that IT foundations are as solid and supportive as possible.