Connect the Classroom with Hybrid Media

Connect the Classroom with Hybrid Media


In an increasingly digital world, reliable WiFi connectivity is paramount for schools to operate efficiently and effectively. This case study delves into the partnership between Charter Academy Primary School and Hybrid Media, a provider of IT solutions and consultancy services, as they collaborate to upgrade Charter Academy’s WiFi infrastructure.

Background: Charter Academy is a primary school based in Coventry and is leading the charge on utilising Apple iPads for teaching and learning; having seamless connectivity is essential for success. 

However, their existing WiFi infrastructure needed help to keep pace with the growing number of connected devices. Recognising the need for a robust and scalable solution, Charter Academy sought a partner to help them upgrade their WiFi 

Current infrastructure.

Challenges: Charter Academy faced several challenges with their existing WiFi solution:

Poor Performance: Slow speeds, frequent dropouts, and inconsistent coverage were hampering productivity and causing staff frustration.

Scalability Issues: The existing WiFi infrastructure had to be designed to accommodate the increasing number of connected devices, leading to network congestion and performance degradation.

Security Concerns: With the rise of cyber threats, Charter Academy needed a WiFi solution that could ensure the security and integrity of their network and sensitive data.

Solution: Hybrid Media reached out to Charter Academy and organised an application for the Connect the Classroom scheme that the Department of Education was running for schools in the UK.

The aim of the Connect the Classroom scheme is to.

Enhance Learning Experiences: By integrating technology into classrooms, students can access interactive learning materials, collaborate on projects, and engage with educational content in new and exciting ways.

Bridge the Digital Divide: Programs like Connect the Classroom often strive to ensure equitable access to technology for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. This might involve providing devices or internet connectivity to underserved communities.

Support Educators: Educators often receive training and professional development opportunities to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices, allowing them to personalize instruction and meet the diverse needs of their students.

Promote Innovation: By investing in technology infrastructure and resources, programs like Connect the Classroom encourage innovation in education and support schools in keeping pace with technological advancements.

The end result.

After being approved for the Connect the Classroom scheme, Hybrid Media got straight to work and organised suppliers to survey the school, organising the tender process and project managing suppliers’ installation and preparing the financial application to the DFE really took the pressure off us as a school.

What we received as a school from the scheme

  • 2x brand new cabinets
  • 2x brand new Meraki MS355-24X 24-Port network switches
  • 35x indoor Meraki access points
  • 2x outdoor Meraki access points
  • CAT6A cabling to each access point
  • Fibre link to each cabinet
  • 10-year warranty/support and licences from the manufacturer

From organising brand new fibre links and CAT6A cabling through the school, to strategising the access point placement for best coverage to the seamless switch over from the old solution to the new solution, Hybrid Media were there supporting and informing us of progress throughout the months that the process took and kept disruption to an absolute minimum. 

Hybrid Media have been a pleasure to work with.  Their knowledge is invaluable as it enables me, as a headteacher, to understand the work required, how best to implement this and also provide value for money in a way that I honestly would have very little idea about without them.  Chris and Dale remain calm at all times and their understanding of school life ensures that there is as little disruption to the daily running of school life as possible.  They both also go above and beyond their role and have become part of our school community.  Thank you!

Louise Stewart – Headteacher – Charter Academy

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