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A progressive IT support company in Coventry

In this present day of modern technology, utilising a managed service provider that includes IT support and IT consulting in Coventry and Warwickshire can really help in major aspects of your operations. 

That’s where Hybrid Media Education comes in. We not only help with the day to day operations of IT within your organisation, we also provide IT Training to your staff, to better utilise third-party platforms that have been implemented into your environment. This not only provides you with a more efficient way of working but to also improve the way your staff operate and for them gain the confidence needed to expand their own knowledge and skill set.

Seamless IT Support & Management across Coventry & Warwickshire

By offering managed IT support, cloud services and the appropriate solutions to help your organisation to grow. With our seamless IT support and management, you want to know that your organisation can access the provisions they need, quickly and without hindrance. 

You may not want to know how it all happens, just that it is available on the fly and when you need it most. That’s where Hybrid Media Education comes in, we remove the need to chase around multiple providers to get the right person to deal with a problem, we’re a ‘One Stop Shop’ that deals with numerous vendors to get the right resolution for your organisation.

A personable and professional IT company ready to help

Every organisation today uses a computer or Apple device within their network for everyday activities, these devices can accumulate through the years, and not always updated or upgraded. Most IT companies recommend purchasing high-end and expensive equipment that they add on top of the final price.

That’s why we offer a 100% transparent guarantee that all quotes sourced from third-party vendors do not have our bit on the top.

We will source equipment with verified vendors and provide the original quotation for hardware or software so you know exactly what you’re purchasing and where your budget is going

Our Services

Ad-Hoc Support
Our cost-effective ad-hoc IT support service is perfect for an organisation that requires a professional IT Support and Consultancy, but are working within a budgetary constraint.
Key features at a glance
  • Standard Service Desk hours 7.30am to 5.30pm daily (Mon – Fri)
  • On demand consultancy & advice
Remote Support
Our Remote Support Service is perfect for organisations that need help for remote staff that are working from home and if  you’re looking for 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management, we’ll ensure your systems and staff are always up and running.
Key features at a glance
  • Unlimited telephone & email support
  • Unlimited remote support (email, servers, PCs & networks)
  • Preventative maintenance & updates
  • 24/7 Real-time monitoring & alerts
  • Guaranteed response & resolution times
  • Optional monthly service delivery reports for transparency
On-Site Support
Our On-Site Support Package offers your organisation a IT Technician visit once a week during term time through for a 12 month period.
Key features at a glance
  • Everything you get with our Remote Support SLA Package and also the below
  • Onsite IT support Technician
Multi-Day On-Site Visit
Our Multi-Day Site Visit Support Package offers your organisation a IT Technician multiple days of the week during term time through for a 12 month period.
Key features at a glance
  • Everything you get with a single day IT support SLA
  • Discount on more than 1 day support

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