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Google Workspace for Education Services

Google Workspace for Education Services

Google offers a variety of free educational tools for schools, which can help you increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, all while supporting blended learning and the learning objectives that have been set for your pupils. 

Whether your school already uses Google Workspace for Education or you’re looking into a solution that works well for remote learning, we’re here to help. 

HME has a proven record of configuring the automation process of Active Directory integration using Google Cloud Directory Sync. GCDS removes the need to create multiple accounts for staff and pupils on different platforms, with a single point of creation on your Active Directory server, this replicates to your Google for Education account.

The set-up process is completely flexible and by working closely with you to ascertain your needs.

Key Google Workspace for Education features

Direct links with your management system ensure Google Workspace for Education is always up-to-date with the correct users, groups and permissions.
Immediate access for users to access their Google Workspace as soon as their Active Directory account is created and GCDS has been run.
Import user photographs into Google Workspace for Education.
Automatically create and maintain your Google Classrooms directly from your MIS system.
Create individual class sites based on the information from your MIS system.

Why HME?

We pride ourselves on a completely transparent and unbiased view of supplying managed IT services, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.

By engaging with clients and providing IT consultancy services to many types of organisations of all shapes, sizes and types – with a fantastic range of innovative skills that brings demonstrable value to our clients.

It is an investment in your own organisation to ensure that IT foundations are as solid and supportive as possible.