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Email Security

Email Security

Monitoring and Identifying Cyber Threats for your school

Email encryption is a process of converting information and attachments into a code known as ciphertext, and is used to prevent unauthorised access to the data.

The Email Encryption process requires no changes to your user experience or workflow, it integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Gmail as well as an on-site Exchange Server. There are multiple ways to initiate an email to be encrypted, this can range from appending [encrypt] to the email subject, marking the email as confidential, or a customised rule that can automatically encrypt emails using a set of criteria. This rule can range from card details or personal data.

Built with compliance in mind

As a cloud-based platform there is no additional hardware required and emails are transmitted to the cloud using a secure AES256-bit encryption key.

This means when an encrypted email is sent the recipient will receive an email notification with a link to the encryption portal, this portal is fully customisable to your own school branding, this ensures confidence for your recipient they’re accessing legitimate sources.

When an encrypted email is sent, the recipient will receive an email notification with a link to the schools encryption portal. For the first timers that are sent a secure email, the user will be sent a notification and will be prompted to sign up; otherwise, they will be prompted to sign in. The recipient will have all the functionality they would with their own email platform, by being able to access the email, attachments and so on. The user will be able to reply and attach their own files as well.

Key Features of Email Security Encryption

  • Compliance with convenience for email confidentiality and security
  • Encryption using OpenSSL with AES-256-CBCL, emails moved via TLS protocol
  • Set up custom policies or use pre-configured policies

Why HME?

We work to understand your business and provide tailored digital security monitoring to match your business requirements.
Emails are transmitted to the cloud using Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocols, and the email is then encrypted using secure AES256-bit encryption with a one time per message encryption key.

This key is not stored by the service and is only sent via the email notification to the user. Data is not accessible to anyone without the keys to decrypt the data, even the location of the data on the cloud systems storage is encrypted with this key.
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