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Coventry based IT Audit Services

Coventry based IT Audit Services

Any organisation needs to be able to depend on its IT systems performance, speed and reliability. It is important to have experts identify any risk, bottlenecks and unnecessary costs.

HME specialises in understanding the education sector and its importance, including IT Security consultancy, IT Project management consultancy, safeguarding software consultancy, and the particular expertise to support secure remote working.

Be confident in your IT equipment with your dedicated IT Consultant

Our impartial IT audit services provide professional and experienced advice and ideas to help get IT systems to work for your business and maximise your investment return.

By focusing on efficiency, innovation, cost implications, practicality, and cost savings to give our clients the edge.

Our IT Audit Service is ideal for organisations that feel their IT systems could do more but need to understand the possibilities in clear English.

Using our IT audit service, potential clients usually know that systems could be better and are often battling against technology rather than having it work for them.

We work with you to understand the current position and frustrations, looking at both the technology, the organisation, and the needs of the employees.  We measure, test, and assess the current systems and identify opportunities to develop the IT systems to meet the requirements of the business and its operations.


Get your IT working for you by maximising operational efficiency

Many organisations over the years accumulate a mix-and-match of technologies that can often struggle to be efficient or work most cost-effectively.

A well-performed IT audit can often uncover incorrect configurations, security weaknesses, and other significant risks to the organisation and mitigate any risks and damage.

The HME IT Audit is a complete top to bottom check of all IT Equipment in use or available, whether that is configured properly and securely, and whether features and functions could be utilised that are not already delivering value to the organisation.

Our experienced professional consultants can probe all aspects of the organisation’s IT computing. By producing a jargon-free IT audit report with clear identifications of risks and weaknesses and offering the options available to mitigate a potential disaster.