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Put your IT in safe hands with our Managed IT Support Service

Put your IT in safe hands with our Managed IT Support Service

IT Managed Support is where an organisation outsource’s their IT Support to another company (known as a MSP – Managed Service Provider or IT Provider) who looks after all their IT needs. 

IT Support can be for organisations who do not have the expertise internally or the budget to employ an expert. It can also be where there is already an internal IT person or team, and they enhance the knowledge and service as the company grows or goes in a different direction.

This is where HME excel at, by offering multiple levels of services, no matter the budget we’re here to assist and provide a complete transparent service. This ranges from the following;

  • Ah-Hoc Support an as and when you need it service.
  • Remote Support, which includes telephone, email, and remote assistance
  • On-Site IT Support, a dedicated IT engineer will visit your premises each week throughout the year
  • Multi-day Support, similar to the On-Site visit with multiple days a week throughout the year

What are the benefits?

Our approach is simple; we listen to your challenges and then design and implement a solution that’s exactly right for your organisation.

Enhance your existing IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most to you. Whether you’re upgrading from a legacy system to improving your data compliance. Our Managed IT services are here to help you achieve this – so you can focus on the other tasks that are important to your organisation.

IT problems can cause endless headaches, especially within an organisation with multiple devices, from iPads, laptops and workstations. That’s why we offer a wide range of services that meet a wide range of needs, including; DaaS (desktops as a service), Managed Security
(Smoothwall Management), Managed Network, identity management and access management.

Why HME?

We pride ourselves on a completely transparent and unbiased view of supplying managed IT services, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.
By engaging with clients and providing IT consultancy services to many types of organisations of all shapes, sizes and types – with a fantastic range of innovative skills that brings demonstrable value to our clients.
It is an investment in your own organisation to ensure that IT foundations are as solid and supportive as possible.