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Anti-Ransomware & Malware Protection

Anti-Ransomware & Malware Protection

Ransomware (also known as Malware) is a severe version of malicious software, it is a cyber-attack that infiltrates your computer or network, encrypts all your files, folders and blocks your access to them until you pay a hefty sum of money. 

This kind of cyber-attack is on the increase with ever evolving technology, malware has become smarter to reach its end goal and that’s to disrupt your organisation. 

That’s why having the right protection is a crucial starting point. With Sophos solutions, we provide a completely solid defence with integrating different Sophos solutions to meet your organisation needs.

Stop malicious third parties once & for all

A highly regarded solution for protection from malicious software is the Sophos Intercept X, which includes an advanced protection algorithm that stops ransomware on your workstations and servers at multiple stages of an attack chain. 

Combining Intercept X  with the Sophos XG Firewall and Synchronised Security, these work in tandem with each other to automatically isolate the affected device and prevent the threat from spreading across your network.

Key Features


  • Detect Threats

    AI-powered threat protection detects threats in malicious emails

  • Stop Hackers

    Credential theft stops hackers getting your valuable credentials, blocking unauthorized system access, and admin privilege escalation

  • Stop Ransomware Executing

    Deep learning looks at the “DNA

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