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Firewall Implementation and Management Solutions

Firewall Implementation and Management Solutions

Stop malicious activity in its tracks

In the simplest form, how a Network Firewall works is to control the IT traffic flow from one network to another. This typically means putting a firewall between your organisation’s internet connection and their Local Area Network (LAN) to ensure malicious acts on the Internet cannot access an organisation’s data or ICT services.  

Protecting an organisation’s ICT services is crucial and must be the first consideration when implementing a network security solution. As an IT estate expands and with remote working a necessity the network firewall has to evolve. The Network Firewall is becoming a highly sophisticated gatekeeper for many organisation’s to allow productive staff to work from wherever they are, whilst maintaining good security practices to protect the organisation.

Sophisticated functionality and protection

The next milestone in these technologies is the introduction of Next-generation Firewalls (NGFW), this provides more than a relatively simple rule base that governs the flow of traffic. NGFWs builds upon the traditional functions of a Network Firewall to include new functions such as; Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), looking at the complete contents of network traffic to prevent the spread of malware, Web Protection to ensure hijacked or malicious websites get a foothold within a corporate device and ensuring files transferred through the perimeter of a network aren’t malicious in nature and that’s just to name a few.

Key Features

  • Provide exemplary network protection from external threats
  • Granular control over network traffic all the down to the user and application
  • Enable users to work securely from wherever, whenever

Why HME?

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