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Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management Services

Monitoring and Identifying Cyber Threats for organisations of all sizes.

Cyber threats come in many forms and infect any part of an organisation that utilises digital technology.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables schools to improve productivity by letting their staff use mobile devices for work. With a wide range of security measures and management solutions, an MDM ensures the organisation’s data is secure, this includes configuring access to organisations information and emails, while having the capability to track and lock the device in case a worse case scenario occurs.

Control and protection without loss of privacy

Keeping an organisation’s data protected and secure on mobile devices is critical.
To make sure this data is safe and personal information is private, HME has a wide range of MDM suppliers, this ensures that we implement the right solution for you, your teachers and pupils, with bespoke profiles based on their needs.


  • Comprehensive UEM solution
  • Manage iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Bespoke profiles to deploy certain apps to your pupils and staff, this ensures storage is not wasted
  • Manage the full device for your school devices

Security coverage from all angles

We pride ourselves on a completely transparent and unbiased view of supplying managed IT services, right from the nuts and bolts to sophisticated servers, networks, software and IT infrastructure.
By engaging with clients and providing IT consultancy services to many types of organisations of all shapes, sizes and types – with a fantastic range of innovative skills that brings demonstrable value to our clients.
It is an investment in your own organisation to ensure that IT foundations are as solid and supportive as possible.