Apple Classroom App

Apple Classroom App

Introducing Apple Classroom

The Apple Classroom app is a powerful piece of software for iPad and Mac that helps you guide learning within your classroom. By sharing work, managing student devices, and supporting both shared and one-to-one environments.

Through the Apple Classroom app, you can launch specific apps, websites, PDFs, or textbook pages on any iPad in your classroom. You can also share documents between teachers and students, or share student work on a TV, Monitor, or projector using Apple TV or using third-party services such as the AirServer App, or the Teacher Reflect App.

Some of the key features include:

  • Viewing which apps students are working in
  • Mute student devices
  • Assign a specific shared iPad for each student
  • Reset student’s password
  • End of class summary of student activities

This guide will take you through an overview of Classroom. You’ll learn how to get started using the app and discover how to integrate it into daily classroom workflows.

Overview of your class

Before you get started

Apple Classroom is available in the App Store and is super easy to set up. There are two ways to configure the Classroom App, you can either create classes manually without IT support or work with your school’s MDM administrator to automatically configure Classroom with roster data for students and classes.

Create your class

With Classroom, it’s easy to set up your own classrooms manually, allowing you flexibility and complete control.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch “Classroom“.
Enter your name (or your class name) and add a relevant photo that your students will be able to see when they join your class and when you’re assisting them via the app. 
It is so easy to rearrange classes, add extra classes, and switch between one class and the next, giving you a seamless experience and allowing you to focus on your students.

Simply press + to arrange a new class, and assign them a colour and a logo helping you to easily differentiate between classes.

Alternatively, your school’s MDM administrator can set up your classes for you.

Invite your students

Invite your students to join your classes easily, allowing the learning to start straight away.

If you have manually created your class, you can invite your students to join. Please note that for Safeguarding reasons, this initial joining process will require close proximity to your students.

Please note that for Safeguarding reasons, this initial joining process will require close proximity to your students. 

Select “Add” and then give your students the invitation code, allowing them to join your class.

As students begin to join your class, you will see their names and photos appear. This allows teachers to clearly add and accept the correct students to each class.

Once you are happy, you can click the add symbol on each student, and they will be accepted into your classroom.

Once inside the classroom, you will see a list of actions that you can perform on devices in your classroom, and also a clear list of all students (with their name and picture).

Have students join a class

Student View

Once you have sent your students their class invitation, settings for Classroom will appear in the Settings app on each of the student’s iPad.

Ask your students to click the link for your new class invitation. When students are joining your class, they can decide how you can manage and access their iPad.

Student View

Students will be able to tap “My Information” to enter or edit their names and photo. All students will at this point join the class by entering the code you have already provided.

Student View

Students will be able to tap “My Information” to enter or edit their names and photo. All students will at this point join the class by entering the code you have already provided.

Teachers are at this point expected to instruct their students to use the settings that are most appropriate within their individual classroom. This will depend on the number of students, the age, and the needs of the students within your classroom. These settings can also be changed at a later time.

Work with classes created by your MDM

If your school is using a mobile device management (MDM) solution to manage their devices, then your school’s IT department will be able to fully set up and configure your Ipad or Mac. This will reduce setup time in class, allowing you to get straight into the teaching.

Your school’s IT department will use roster data for classes and students and can support the school’s policies for mobile device use by putting appropriate restrictions in place on each of the devices.

All your classes will be fully set up, with students enrolled and ready to go.

Note that the ability to create your own classes is available only when you’re not using MDM.

This ensures that student devices are always enrolled in your class and configured with your school’s settings and policies.

Settings for students enrolled in your class using MDM are managed by your school’s IT department.

Organise your class

Classroom gives you the ability to create custom groups within your class, allowing you to tailor guidance for a single student, a group of students or the entire class. You can break the class into groups for project assignments, or split up the group based on needs and ability.

This will allow you as a teacher to guide each student’s learning experience, just as you would in your classroom at school.

Tap “Group” in the actions list and name the group.
Select your students to add to your group and simply tap “Done“.
The group is now visible in the group list and ready to be used.

Classroom also creates dynamic groups of students based on which app each student is using.

Launch and lock apps

Teachers have the ability to launch a specific app on each student’s device at the same time. You can also lock the iPad into a single app, keeping your students focused and on track.

Tap “Open” to view the list of available apps, then select the app that you would like to open.

Note that you and your students must both have the app installed for this to work.

If you would like to lock your students into the app, select “Lock in app after opening” in the lower right.

The app now opens on every student’s iPad.

Tap Done, or follow along by opening the app on your iPad.

Navigate to specific content

Classroom lets you navigate students to resources within Apple Books, iTunes U, and Safari, such as a specific web page using a bookmark, posts and materials in iTunes U courses, or a chapter in a book.

Tap “Navigate“, then select Safari from the list of options.
Select the bookmark that you’d like the class to view.
The entire class has now been navigated to that bookmark in Safari.

Tap “Done“, or follow along by opening the web link on your device.

Share documents

Classroom works together with iOS Multitasking, giving teachers a simple way to share files with their students. These files can be in the form of worksheets, presentations or photos and videos.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Dock. Touch and hold the Files app to see recent documents.

Then drag a document to a single student, a group, or all students.

Or open any app side by side with Classroom to drag documents or links to students.
Instruct your students to accept the document you are sharing.

Students can then select the appropriate app to open and save your shared document.
The document will be saved on each student’s iPad.

Receive documents.

The Classroom app allows you to see documents and links that students share with you.

Student View

Students can tap your name in the Share Sheet  in any app to share documents and links with  you directly.
Tap the notification to open the Classroom app and review the shared documents.
Tap “Sharing” to see a list of all shared items, then select the item you want to review to open it in  the appropriate app.

Shared documents will be saved on your iPad or Mac once you open them.

See what your students see with Screen View.

View any student’s screen directly on your device. Check in and see how students are progressing through an assignment or a quiz.

Tap “Screens” to view each student’s screen. This feature can be disabled if needed.
To view a specific student’s screen, select the student and tap View Screen
Students will know that you are monitoring their screen when they see the blue indicator in the status bar.

Share student work on the big screen

If your classroom has Apple TV, you can mirror any student’s screen to your TV monitor or projector. It’s a great way to highlight student work, encourage collaboration, and keep everyone involved.

In the Actions list, select Airplay to project a student’s screen to your classroom whiteboard by selecting your classroom name. You can use Apple TV, or the following third-party apps AirServer, Teacher Reflect

The Student’s screen will be displayed on your classroom board.

Mute the sound and lock the screen.

If the sound on a student’s iPad becomes distracting for the rest of the class, you can mute individual or all devices. To get everyone’s attention, you can also lock each iPad in your class, which might be helpful during an important announcement or activity.

Select a student, a group of students, or your entire class, then tap “Mute” to mute the sound.

To unmute, press the “Unmute” button

To lock devices, select a student, a group, a group of students, or your entire class, then tap “Lock

Tap “Unlock” to unlock devices

Student View

The screen will be locked on all student devices, and students will not be able to access them until the devices are unlocked again.

Reset student passwords.

If your school is using Managed Apple IDs, you can use the Classroom app to reset a student’s Managed Apple ID password.

Tap the student name and select “Password
Enter your instructor Managed Apple ID and password and proceed with two-factor authentication, then click done.
The student can now use a temporary password to log in to a shared iPad or their iCloud account on a different device, and set up a new password.

End class and see a Class Summary

When class ends, you can easily stop controlling student devices and get an overview of your students’ activity during class time. It’s a great way to see what students worked on, and save documents you might have missed during class session.

Tap “End Class
Class Summary provides an overview of the apps your students used. Tap any app icon to see which students used the app and for how long during class.

Tap any file or link in the items Shared section to review and save them to your iPad.

Tap any student name to see the apps they used during class.

Tap done to exit the Class Summary. Student activity information and any unsaved shared items will be deleted.

Classroom app returns to My Classes and you can no longer access student devices.

Assign students to shared iPad devices.

When Classroom is configured with MDM for use with Shared iPad, you can assign specific students to each iPad. Classroom determines whether a particular iPad has been assigned to a student before, and assigns the student to the same device. This enhances the student’s experience by reducing the amount of data that needs to be downloaded.

Tap “Assign” and select from the available devices.
The selected devices have now been assigned.

Student View

On each device, the assigned student will see their photo ID or initials, which makes it easy for students to find their device and log in.

Log out of shared devices

When class ends, you can log out students—a single student, a group of students, or your entire class. When students are logged out, any documents they were working on are synced to the cloud and are available the next time they log in.

Select a student, a group of students, or your entire class, then tap “Log Out
Students will be logged out of their devices, and their documents will be saved to the cloud.


The Apple Classroom app can be an incredible asset to your school and classroom. With the ease of use and with its multifunctional capabilities, this app will surely win over any teacher using Apple devices in their lessons. Why not check it out for yourself? You can find the Apple Classroom app on the AppStore.

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